Ferrum Audio - Power Splitter with 50cm Cable

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Ferrum Power Splitter with 50cm Cable

This allows you to add a second FERRUM product to your HYPSOS with no performance drop on either product. It comes with a .5m Power Link DC cord (Ferrum's recommended way to connect to the HYPSOS)

The maximum power consumption should not exceed 80W and the current should not exceed 6A. And let’s assume you want to power an OOR with a second component of your choice, the second one should be compatible with OOR’s power supply configuration, being center positive polarity and 24 volt. When looking for the optimum value with Sweet Spot Tuning, be aware this is for both components combined.

When using the the Ferrum Power Splitter together with a Ferrum MicroUSB, please bear in mind the correct voltage settings of the devices being 5 volt, with positive polarity.