Cardas Audio - Clear Reflection Headphone Cable

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Cardas Audio - Clear Reflection Headphone Cable

Custom Headphone Cables

This is the all new replacement for the Clear Light. It builds from the the Light technology but uses a dual mono design from the more expensive Clear HPC. In doing so they have achieved a more balanced sound.   

Technical Specifications:


2X.190" O.D., Cardas copper, PTFE dielectric, 4 x 25.5 AWG conductors, Matched Propagation, Golden section, Crossfield, litz, TPR inner jacket with polyester braid outer.


Termination Options:

Plug Type Options: Cardas 1/4" stereo plugs (standard), 1/8" stereo plug, and male-XLR (balanced).

CG XLR Upgrade: Rhodium contact surfaces. Pure, non- magnetic, eutectic billet Brass, Gold and Rhodium over Silver platings. These connectors have a unique end shielding technique that blocks RF and Clock signals. More Info

Custom Brand Connection: is available for Sennheiser HD800, HD700, HD600/650, HD580, Audeze and HiFi Man headphones.

*These cables are all custom made and take 2 weeks to be delivered after ordering. Each order is final sale.