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Cardas Audio - Clear Headphone Cable

Custom Headphone Cables

This is finest Cardas Audio headphone cable, Clear is actually two separate cables, one going to each ear. With concentric conductors, Clear Headphone is a miniaturized version of the Cardas Audio top-of-the-line Clear Speaker Cable. 

Technical Specifications:

Outside Diameter: .166" x 2 

Cardas Copper: Cardas uses our own ultra-pure copper in our cables and conductors. We also sell this copper to other high-end audio manufacturers. For more reading on Cardas copper, please click here.

Dielectric Material: Dielectric is a poor conductor of electricity, commonly referred to as insulation. A great cable requres more than just high quality copper. Cardas Audio places great emphasis on using the best delectric materials in our cables, including PFA, and air (using suspension tubes).

AWG (American Wire Gauge): 1 x 26.5 AWG concentric conductors per channel. (Conductor size is measured by gauge, or AWG. The higher the number, the smaller the conductor. Cardas interconnects use multiple small conductors, such as 20.5 and 25.5 AWG. All Cardas interconnects have at least two conductors, some have three or more. Cardas speaker cables use multiple larger conductors, including 11.5 and 9.5 AWG.)

Matched Propagation: In a Matched Propagation conductor, the propagation velocity of the conductor is matched to that of the dielectric material. George Cardas was issued US Patent 7,674,973 in March of 2010, for the Matched Propagation Conductor. We use this technology in our Clear product line. Please click here to read more about Matched Propagation Technology.

Golden Section Stranding: Cardas conductors are constructed of multiple strands of ultra pure copper wire, each with its own enamal coating (making it Litz wire). The copper wire is in various sizes (AWG), with the strands at the center of the conductor being the smallest, and strands on subsequent layers going up in size in a Golden Ratio progression (1:1.618). More information about Golden Section Stranding.

Crossfield Conductors: Ordinary Cables are di-pole antennas, both radiating and absorbing RFI/EMI, which sustains system resonance. Cardas cable design incorporates Crossfield Construction in its manufacture, which reverses every other stranding layer to defuse the di-pole effect and match conductor propagation to that of surrounding dielectric materials.

Litz Conductors: Cardas Audio uses Litz conductors in its cable designs. Litz conductors consist of multiple wire strands, individually insulated and twisted or woven together. There are various benefits to Litz conductors, including the reduction of skin effect. In addition, the enamel coating on each strand prevents oxidation of the copper. For more reading about Litz conductors, check out this Wikipedia page.

TPE inner jacket, braided nylon braid outer

Termination Options:

Plug Type Options: Cardas 1/4" stereo plugs (standard), 1/8" stereo plug, and male-XLR (balanced).

CG XLR Upgrade: Rhodium contact surfaces. Pure, non- magnetic, eutectic billet Brass, Gold and Rhodium over Silver platings. These connectors have a unique end shielding technique that blocks RF and Clock signals. More Info

Custom Brand Connection: is available for Sennheiser HD800, HD700, HD600/650, HD580, Audeze and HiFi Man headphones.

*These cables are all custom made and take 2 weeks to be delivered after ordering