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  • Omega Makassar Stand

Sieveking Sound - Omega Headphone Stand

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Sieveking Sound - Omega Headphone Stand

Jan Sieveking is the German Manufacturer of this headphone stand shaped from steam-molded Plywood finished in a choice of Zebrano, Cherry, Maple, Walnut and now Makassar.

The wide and perfectly flat sides put even pressure on the ear cups and are deep enough to accommodate Sennheiser's gargantuan new HD800, BeyerDynamic's new Tesla 1 statement or your garden-variety round Staxes.

The overall shape is sized perfectly to have the headphones straddle the bow without stretching the headband. The finish is flawless, the material natural, the design elegantly timeless and simple. You'd say Scandinavian if it weren't German.


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