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Chord Hugo Wins Best DAC Award

Chord Hugo wins best DAC award by What HiFi"The Chord’s neutral, even-handed approach to music is as evident whether you’re using it as a DAC or headphone amp – the Hugo is a device of many talents and plenty of charm."Read more at

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Astell & Kern - AK240 Blue Note 75th Anniversary Package: Limited Edition Now Available

Astell & Kern - AK240 Blue Note 75th Anniversary Package: Limited EditionAvailable NOW!Astell&Kern, the leading hi res portable music player that boasts studio sound quality, has announced a special package partnership with Blue Note Records to commemorate the record company's 75th anniversary in the world of Jazz and Blues.75 legendary Blue Note jazz albums that [...]

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Why do USB cables make a difference?

Many will argue the case that binary data, or 0's and 1's if transfered from one place to another will remain as the same 0's and 1's and will not alter in any way. Unfortunately this is not always the case. There is a fundamental difference between the transfer of computer data such as sending [...]

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New Astell and Kern Players AK100II and AK120II

The new Astell and Kern AK100II and AK120II have arrived AK100ⅡSingle DACDSD Playback (DSD to PCM)Balanced OutputWi-Fi MQS StreamingMQS Download Store64GB internal memorymicroSD card slotOptical OutUSB DAC AK120Ⅱ Dual DAC DSD Playback (DSD to PCM) Balanced Output Wi-Fi MQS Streaming MQS Download Store 128GB internal memory microSD card slot Optical Out USB DAC

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Audeze Headphones now available

Audeze Headphones now available at HiFi Headphones CanadaWe are proud to announce our newest brand partner Audeze, makers of the worlds best Planar Magnetic Headphones!Audeze is a high-end audio headphone and accessory manufacturer delivering the most accurate sound reproduction available today. Their products are engineered with the latest innovations in materials science that produce an [...]

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Resonessence Labls now available

Resonessence Labs products now available!The principal founder of the company is Mark Mallinson, former Operations Director for ESS Technology. The company’s focus is to design and manufacture exceptional audio products. Their design engineers and Investors are industry audio experts at DAC and ADC design, and were front and center in the design of the ESS [...]

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New TEAC Reference HA-P50B Portable Headphones amp DAC

TEAC are launching a special 60th anniversary product in May 2014. The HA-P50BPortable Headphone Amp / DAC will sell in Canada for $399.Order your today: LINK

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Astell & Kern AK240 - Ultimate Portable Music Player

Astell & Kern - AK240The Ultimate Portable Music Player available now in Canada!Astell & Kern launch a high-end, pocket-sized media player with two separate digital audio converters, support for 192 KHz, 24-bit audio, 256GB of built-in storage, and an “aircraft grade” aluminum case.If you want the ultimate in portable hi-res playback, this is IT! The [...]

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PS Audio to release the all new DirectStream DAC

PS Audio to release the all new DirectStream DACPS Audio have announced the introduction of their revolutionary new DirectStream DAC, the result of lead designer Ted Smith’s decade-long obsession with DSD. PS Audio claims that most modern DACs mask recorded details due to a faulth PCM decoding process and that to extract all the detail [...]

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Meridian Audio release their new Prime Power Supply

Want to make your Prime Amplifier transform to the next level? Check this out!Following the successful launch of the Prime Headphone Amplifier, Meridian has announced the introduction of the Prime Power Supply, a reference-quality, high-current design based on the new linear power supplies developed for Meridian’s 800 Reference Series and specifically built for audio applications.Meridian [...]

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