Grado - GT220 Wireless In-Ear

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Grado - GT220 Wireless In-Ear Headphone

Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Grado Labs have been around since 1953 hand crafting headphones in New York. They have been doing this at their own pace making sure that everything they do is perfect. This is their all new FIRST wireless in-ear headphone. Inside these headphones are the same drivers that they use in their wired headphones. They take each driver and tune it to sound perfect in whatever enclosure they decide to use. These drivers have been designed to work flawlessly with this all new wireless headphone. These truly wireless IEM's have a case which also acts as a charger. This case can hold up to five full charges of power so they are perfect for a road trip if your not near a power outlet to charge them. The battery life is 36 hours! These are amazing!


Here are the specs:

Bluetooth: 5.0
Battery Life: 36 hours
Headphone Battery: 6 hours; 50mAH
Case Battery: 5 full charges; 500mAH
Charging: USB-C, Wireless; 2 Hours
Codec: aptX, AAC, SBC
Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
Nominal Impedance: 32ohms
And here is some additional info from Grado regarding the battery:
Playback Battery: Life based on 50% volume throughout playtime. Battery varies due to volume, musical genre, and Bluetooth connectivity strength. Total Battery: 36 hour battery playback life is based on fully charged headphones (6 hours) combined with a fully charged case, which can charge the headphones back to full capacity 5x over. Capabilities: Phone calls, voice assistant, music playback, and volume are dependent on the device they’re connected to. Capabilities may vary based on device hardware, software, and manufacturer. Fit: Every ear is a different size and shape. The GT220 may not fit the same for everyone. Wireless Charging: Charge pad not included. Wireless charging case is Qi capable, but may not work with every wireless charger. Please check with your charger’s manufacturer.