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Expected release date is 17th Jun 2024


Audeze's all new gaming headphones are here! They utilize Bluetooth 5.3 ultra-low-latency wireless for the fastest audio and speech ever in a gaming headset. They have a larger 90mm planar magnetic driver which delivers studio-quality gaming headphones for XBOX/PC. 

Battery Life: These have an 80hr + Battery Life for very long gaming sessions. You can trust that they will not run out of power while playing many rounds of your favorite games with your friends. 

They are utilizing the latest technology in the spatial audio space. They ship with a Dolby Atmos license for you to use with XBOX or PC gaming and movies. If you connect them to your PC via USB-C you can play up to 24bit 96kHz signals for hi-res music listening. 

Audeze have developed a brand new microphone that is based off of their "Filter" speakerphone. It is using lag-free A.I. powered noise filtration for crystal-clear communication in any environment. You can press a button to automatically eliminate background noise so your teammates can hear everything you are saying and not what else is going on in your room. This was designed by the team at Shure and they achive the crystal clear sound through 5 individual microphones. The mics boom is detachable though so if you don't need it you don't have to use it. 

Here are the specs from Audeze:





  •      Style: Over-ear (circumaural), closed-back
  •      Transducer Type: Planar Magnetic
  •      Transducer Size: 90 mm
  •      Diaphragm Type: Ultra-Thin Uniforce™
  •      Magnetic Structure: Fluxor™ Magnet Array
  •      Magnet Type: Neodymium N50
  •      Phase Management: Fazor™
  •      Earpads: Synthetic Leather + memory foam
  •      Weight: 490g



  •      Boom Microphone: Detachable, broadcast-style supercardioid
  •      Beamforming Microphones (mounted in the earcups): 5-mic array for convenience and noise reduction.
  •      A.I. Powered Hardware Noise Filter removes unwanted noise from microphones


Audio Performance

  •      Maximum SPL: >120dB
  •      Frequency response: 10Hz-50kHz

THD: <0.1% (@ 1 kHz, 1mW